McLaren v Ferrari


It’s on again!

We’re frequently treated to the spectacle of Ferrari and McLaren battling it out on tracks around the world during the F1 season, but this year it’s different, with the rare event of the two titans of automotive sport locking horns on the road again.

So who’s going to win this epic battle this time? Continue reading McLaren v Ferrari

25 Years of the F40

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Just read and watched  this – Dream machine: Ferrari F40 (video below).

Dream come true for this lucky _____ (<– insert chosen expletive here). Wouldn’t we all like to be a motoring journalist? And wouldn’t we all just love to get behind the wheel of one of these?

Recently Autocar did a piece about the 458, and how Ferrari’s baby is now faster than it’s previous top of the tree model, the F40.

So just why was/is the F40 so special? And if the 458 is so much faster, is it still really that special?? Continue reading 25 Years of the F40