Who likes V8’s??

After all that guff about tyres, I thought I’d write something a little more light hearted.

See this? ->

It appeared across the road earlier this week and appears to belong to a certain neighbour. I’m pretty sure it’s his as he already has an American van, (the same model the A-Team used), and an old mustang too. Nobody else on my street appears to be collecting American iron, so it’s got to be him…

So I came out of my house today, and saw his Mrs giving it a good clean, and I went over for a quick chat.

Maybe the picture doesn’t really give the full impression, but this thing is HUGE. You can’t see it, but the big Audi estate parked behind it, looks positively anorexic. Look inside and there’s 3 seats across the front, like a transit van. It makes the baby seat on the back seat look laughably small.

Chatting away, apparently it’s loaded with a 5.7 litre V8 and does 5.5 mpg which is just daft. Asking how they afford to run it, the reply was they only really ever take it to Tesco’s which is a mile away. Tell you what though, you could get a year’s worth of shopping in the back of it…

Anyway, I thought it a bit rich that he’d got his Mrs to do all the hard work, as we watched her clean and polish the beast. I mean if it’s your toy perhaps you should polish it up yourself mate? Turns out it’s not HIS, it’s actually HERS haha!

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