Another Boring Insurance Conference?

Yesterday, I had the dubious pleasure of attending the annual BIBA Conference where insurance companies apparently ply insurance brokers with information about their products.

What actually happens is you collect all sorts of stupid marketing tosh designed to promote brands, and catch up with industry gossip, whilst being plied with nice coffee, fancy pastries and sometimes even the odd beer or two.

As usual, each insurer tries to out do their competitors at the surrounding stands in sometimes quite brazen attempts to win your favour, and it’s quite funny to see the different approaches used. LV were extremely hospitable, cracking open bottles of bubbly from pretty much the start. I decided to pass on the champagne as it was still only half nine in the morning and I wanted to be able to still remember where I lived come home time. Then I spotted a familiar figure.

He wandered silently through the crowds like a ghostly figure lost in a sea of suits. The familiar white helmet, the white nomex overalls and the bemused stance of someone from a very different planet… Yes! It was the Stig!!

I cautiously followed him through the crowds, being careful not to spook him. After all, you can never be too careful with the Stig. Some say he appears on japanese banknotes, and that he has two hearts, both with variable valve timing. All I know is he’s advertising an insurance product today on a stand with the new Mercedes SLS, but before I could talk to him, a lady with a microphone began interviewing him for some reason…

I hope she was being ironic otherwise the results are going to be even more hilarious!

me in a mercedes slsAnyway, as I waited, one of the sales girls asked me if I wanted to take a turn siting in the new SLS, and I took her up on the offer.

I have to say, I was most disappointed. Who, or more precisely, what kind of midgets have they made this thing for? I’m only 6’1″ but you can clearly see I don’t fit. Or maybe you can’t, as the sales girl shut the door on my head, nearly braining me.

The rest of the day was somewhat less painful, and I emerged with several packets of jelly beans from various insurers – bit of a trend there for some reason. A large foam sword, a travel mug, several amusing miniature soft toys plus the worlds smallest spirit level on a key ring together with matching tape measure (don’t ask) and a nifty neoprene laptop cover that doesn’t quite fit.

Who says insurance is boring?

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