Michelin Energy Savers – Any Good?

If you follow my blog regularly, you’ll know that to me, tyres are not just black, rounds things you have to have fitted to your vehicle.

I do spend money on getting good, branded tyres, and for very good reasons, see my blowout post.

However, with the economy what it is, even I have succumbed to looking into energy saving tyres for our main car.

Michelin energy savers seem to be the one’s to have at the moment, but they’re damned expensive. So are they worth it?

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Getting Good Tyres on the Cheap

I hate paying for tyres. Why? Because I always fit performance tyres to my cars, and it’s never cheap. Plus performance tyres don’t last long anyway.

So why not fit cheaper tyres?

Well one of my previous posts (Blowout), explains the downsides to this, and on the upside it makes a dramatic difference to the performance of your vehicle.

Plus, as you know, I’m a bit of a skinflint, so there’s plenty of scope for getting good tyres at knock down prices. Here’s how: Continue reading Getting Good Tyres on the Cheap

Tax, tax, tax… and how to save money on motoring

But what’s the answer??

Lately, it seems we’ve had the most indeterminate budget in years, and after the Transport Secretary confirmed August would see the planned 3p/litre rise in fuel duty go ahead, George/Gideon/Whatever he’s really called – Osborne, decided to do yet another U-turn and drop the increase.

OK, fair enough, but when over 60% of the price of fuel is tax, I should think so. Continue reading Tax, tax, tax… and how to save money on motoring

A Blowout (but everyone’s OK)

Last month the Missus had an unfortunate incident on the motorway, where one of the front tyres blew out on the way to meet up with friends. As you can see the carcass of the tyre was completely destroyed and cam away from the wheel – she was very lucky indeed…

That and she drives quite slowly.

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